Entry n° 47 • 24.12.2008 • 22:19  
  A really cool technology is water jet cutting. It allows to cut every imaginable outlines of nearly any material. For example it cuts steel, stone, but also a piece of carpet... see picture!
      Entry n° 46 • 16.11.2008 • 12:26  
  Since mid-october I am working for ORIS SA in Hölstein, a manufacture for swiss made mechanical watches. The job is a great chance for me since I can learn so much every day. There are many demanding tasks of wich I love to approach every single one.
But despite of the intensity of this new pursuit, there is still time to manage some other tasks...
For example - I am in the need of a new wardrobe and what does it matter if I create my own since I am product designer?!
      Entry n° 45 • 19.09.2008 • 13:55  
  Now that I got my diploma, I am looking forward to get to work on something new. My main aim is to find an attractive job.
On the picture you can see my diploma project. During the term of diploma semester a multifunctional table with different extension-modules was designed and a high-end model was built. For further Information about it contact me!
      Entry n° 44 • 14.08.2008 • 15:03  
  Now after everithing for diploma is done I am waiting to recieve my degree as an Industrial Designer on September 5th. This will also be the date when diploma exhibition starts at the «Messe Basel». Have a look at the flyer on the left to see details.
      Entry n° 43 • 15.05.2008 • 14:14  
  After the details are fixed in CAD the model can be built. The table will be built out of veneer plywood. The Tabletop will be made out of solid wood. Birchwood is the ideal chois to get a bright looking piece of furniture.
The picure shows one of the legs with the pull-out mechanism on top, milled out of the plywood.
      Entry n° 42 • 05.05.2008 • 12:40  
  After sketching process, main design aspects are fixed and a CAD model is built. This helps to fix the dimensions of each part of the table. Visualisations can show the proportions and give a nice material preview.
      Entry n° 41 • 18.04.2008 • 17:02  
  During the last 3 days we had a watch-designing worksop. We had the possibility to visit the design agency of Fossil wich also designs watches for Armani, Burberry and Zodiac. After the visit we had tree days to create a watch concept on a 5000mm long stripe of paper. The picture shows a final Visualisation of the 3 day process.
It is a selfpowered digital watch. Power is generatet by the Movement of small magnetic balls wich move inside the plastic tube. The blue coilhousings generate electricity wich is used by the watch.
      Entry n° 40 • 10.04.2008 • 17:42  
  While sketching, material sizes have to be checked. It is important to know if the desired material is available or to adjust the design to available material dimensions.
      Entry n° 39 • 01.04.2008 • 11:38  
  State of project: Sketching and rendering. Many ideas have been createt and sketched roughly. Now we have to sort and choose wich ideas are acceptable to spend further time working on it. Also we have to create different versions of the good ideas to check wich is the best one.
      Entry n° 38 • 28.03.2008 • 13:29  
  To test some of the table ideas I just made some cardboard models. This is a very fast and useful way to check functionality of an idea.
      Entry n° 37 • 19.03.2008 • 16:10  
  Fresh ideas for tables are the task at the moment. Together with my student fellow Sarah Jud, concepts for tables and everithing around table systems are developed.
      Entry n° 36 • 06.12.2007 • 23:17  
  For the Volkswagen Project I reacently made some rim-design-studies. On the Picture you can see 3 various levels of progress of the wheele modeled in SolidWorks.
      Entry n° 35 • 26.11.2007 • 14:29  
  Furniture wich really is inefficient has potential to be designed much better. Coffee tables use much spaqce and have little practical effect. This can be a point to change... first premodel made of cardboard.
      Entry n° 34 • 14.11.2007 • 17:15  
  Lately there was a design contest for a coffeelounge in Winterthur where I comparted together with my student fellow Thomas Jenni. During tour work we created the «WOBBA» coffee table.
      Entry n° 33 • 05.11.2007 • 12:30  
Car Project together with Volkswagen. Main idea is to find concepts for future sustainable cars (what will be in 15 - 20 years?).

Furthermore there is a project together with Thomas Jenni - another industrial design student. We try to find a good concept for furniture. Advanced spacemanagement and storage space are central elements of this project.
      Entry n° 32 • 05.07.2007 • 17:53  
  I'm very proud to introduce to you the "UV Anti-Germ Hydration Pack". This is how my concept of a hydration pack with integrated UV bulb looks. On top of the pack, a solar panel provides power for the integratet battery wich provides the power for the ultraviolet lamp and the integrated sensors. There are sensors for fill level and particle concentration (high concentrations can restrain the disinfection process). Over Bluethooth protocol the data can be transmitted to a handheld device wich can calculate the potential "line of no return" (outreach) for wich the water suffices.
      Entry n° 31 • 02.07.2007 • 22:37  
  The last few days I spent sewing a high-end model of the water backpack. The cover with the logo on it is a rapid prototyped STL model. It is made on a laser sintering machine. Next step will be the finishing of the model and some interface jobs.
      Entry n° 30 • 27.06.2007 • 11:10  
  With my student fellow Sarah Jud I am working on a lighting project wich we initiatet in early 2007. We are currently working on prototypes there. Planed are two lights - one pendant light and a desklight in analogical design. Both will use state-of-the-art fluorescent energy saving lamps. On the picture you can see our design of the desklight rendered in CINEMA 4D.
      Entry n° 29 • 27.06.2007 • 11:03  
  Recently I finished a first prototype of the water backpack. Idea is to have a water reservoir wich has a function to germinate the water in it. This happens with a built-in UV-bulb. A battery pack is providing the power for the bulb. The pack is charged by a solar panel wich is included in the water backpack. It will aford enough power to germinate up to 12 liters of water per day (at 8 hours of sunshine).
      Entry n° 28 • 21.05.2007 • 10:52  
  Currently I am working on some raw CAD sketches for my water-project. Idea of this little thing is to locate water sources over a GPS map. It is mostly for journeys in dry lands where water is poorly available.
This little handheld can also handle your water stores and calculates how much water can be drunken until you find the next water source. It is then possible to plan a route and know, how much water must be carried and how provident the reserves must be handled.
      Entry n° 27 • 23.04.2007 • 17:58  
  Lately the "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" started, where the "Euroluce" is a special exhibition for lighting. With a student fellow of mine I am working on a lighting project during this semester. We found some really interesseting stuff there!
      Entry n° 26 • 03.04.2007 • 20:54  
  The 6th Semester of my study recently startet and the first workshop was a Branding-Identity Workshop. First we got a briefing about brands and branding and then we had to design a USB-Stick for either Alessi or Burboury or VW Beatle... have a look at my concept - it is a Cinema4D rendering.
      Entry n° 25 • 05.02.2007 • 11:04  
  There are some nice design-drawing tecniques available as tutorials on the internet. In the last few days I tried some Photoshop stuff. I was playing around with a car sketch I reacently made. It is really nice how fast you can turn a simple sketch into a cool looking picture. After an hour of path- and layerwork you get a real cool picture! With some more time you can turn it into a photorealistic scene.
      Entry n° 24 • 23.01.2007 • 10:45  
  According to my internship, I have been working on a furniture project for the last few weeks. My idea is a cabinet wich can be folded for movement. It is my intention to send the concept to the dyson award...
      Entry n° 23 • 10.01.2007 • 16:32  
  The functionality of my blog has been updated: from now on it is possible to me to make live blog-updates from my mobile phone. On the picture you can see my current work at my internship workspace. Thanks alot to www.lookass.ch for all the programming!
      Entry n° 22 • 14.12.2006 • 17:06  
  Due to the fact of non-desclosure I can't tell much about my work at the office Greige in Berlin. I am involved in a broad range of different jobs. We currently work on different furniture and lighting project aswell as some interior-design projects.
One project I was involved in was to create a unique item for Adidas. We had to make a dog collar wich was designed and manufactured by Greige. I was involved in major designprocesses aswell as in the manufacturing process. On november 10th, the Newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" wrote about it in a special insert. You can see the article on the left.
      Entry n° 21 • 13.10.2006 • 11:14  
  Currently I am doing an internship at the design office "greige" (http://www.greige.de) in Berlin. Here I am working on different Projects for Adidas, Vitra Shop and many more. It is much fun and great experience. I will stay in Berlin until the end of February 2007. In March 2007 i will continue my study in Aarau.
      Entry n° 20 • 26.07.2006 • 10:30  
  Recently I made a logo for a hat-designer. She makes felthats with very stylish, modern look - real hat-avantgarde!
She had to get a new logo because she split up with her working partner and had to get a new one. She has been on fire to do new designs and so is her new logo! Have a look at it...
      Entry n° 19 • 17.07.2006 • 00:16  
  The fourth semester has found an end. Until August 30. I will be a little less stressed than the last view months.
Markus, a student fellow of mine and I are currently building a webpage for all students of our semester. We all leave either for an internship or to study at a partner school. This webpage is equiped with a blog and a forum section, where every student can post his news and communicate with all the others of his semester. It is also thought to show the students wich stay at the school in aarau (the semesters above and below us), what happens to us.
You can visit our web portal at:
      Entry n° 18 • 29.06.2006 • 11:08  
  We just presented our wine project. The PDA and the storage modules where made in CAD and in addition a foam/aluminium model of the PDA was made.
This project is aimed for the luxury segment. People who like to drink wine and who collect wine will have a nice administration and storage solution with extra features like expiry date reminder for every bottle, menue advice, database-searching and matching at the storagesystem (through LED-backlit wine compartments) and scanning of the lables.
      Entry n° 17 • 26.06.2006 • 11:26  
  Finaly my guitar project has found a happy end! I testet the guitar this weekend and it sounds really great! The sound is fat but not swampy. The maple gives it a clear and harmonic sound. The sound diversity wich is caused by the pickups and the wiring scheme is pure fun. The possibility to have sounds from acoustic-like to heavy-metal-growl is great for one instrument!
      Entry n° 16 • 22.06.2006 • 20:49  
  The woodwork is done, the whole guitar is sealed with a special oil mixture and the pickups and mechanical parts are built in! The only thing left to do is the saddle. It is made out of a bone-piece wich is allready in a raw cubic form. Then I have to mount some strings and try out the guitar and set the mechanics to the right setup. Only finish and setup left to do - and a bit doubt - hope it sounds as great as it looks!
      Entry n° 15 • 21.06.2006 • 10:03  
  Finishing has begun: The cuttouts for the pickups are made. Now the guitar will get sanded a last time and then the holes for the potis and swiches will be drilled. After that the oil-finish has to be made.
The electronics will be mounted as last work step.
      Entry n° 14 • 19.06.2006 • 20:40  
  The neck ist almost finished now. Today I drove the frets into the fingerboard. The last think left to do on the neck is mounting the tuners.
Further more I prepared the wooden frames for the electromagnetic pickups. Tomorrow I should get the missing parts by mail. I aim to finish the guitar his week.
In addition to the electronics I also have to oil the wood (I prefer oil finish because it gives a much warmer feeling and shinyer look than a glossy paint finish).
      Entry n° 13 • 17.06.2006 • 16:45  
  On our wine storage and administration system the concept is made. We decided to make the storage modules and a device for scanning/managing the bottles/inventory. The tool will be a handheld device. To scann a bottle you only have to roll it over the display (wich is platet with a light absorbing foil wich is able to scann the bottle lable with 200dpi). Then your bottle is logged into the system and on your home computer you can edit the bottle details (for example where you bought it or who gave it to you, how old it is, where it is from and so on).
      Entry n° 12 • 13.06.2006 • 18:21  
  Currently I am sanding the whole guitar to get the fine contures done. The hardest part was the neck - there I had to pay much attention to not sand to much wood away. The shape of the neck was formed instinctive. I play guitar since many ears wich gives me the feeling how a good neck is shaped. hopefully I am not mistaken!
      Entry n° 11 • 12.06.2006 • 11:39  
  The raw woodwork is done now. During the weekend I milled out the body and glued the fretboard (wich i made before out of a peace of walnut wood) onto the nek.
The dot-inlays in the fretboard are made of maple wood.
Next steps will be the fine-adjustment of the body form and some cutouts for mechanical and electrical parts. Then the fretboard has to be sanded (it is slightly concave for better playability). Further more the neck has to be formed and a hole must be drilled for the trussrod-screw.
      Entry n° 10 • 08.06.2006 • 21:48  
  The neck of my guitar is glued and sawed out! Today I have been milling out the raw form of it. On the picture you can see me plane the back of the neck where later the body planks will be attached. This was delicate because the angle was about 2 - 3° different from the neck surface so i had to gt a new plane surface in a different angle. The next step will be the drilling of the wirechanels.
      Entry n° 9 • 06.06.2006 • 17:18  
  Toolshop-work has begun! Currently I am working on the neck. The neck will not be glued or screwed to the body planks but lead straight through the body. This will cause a good sustain-attitude.
The neck is built of seven wood peaces - alternating in maple and walnut. In addition to a nice look, the walnut wood is extremely calm relating to humidity. This ensures a good stability and resistance against climatic changes (for example mooving the guitar from the cold and dry tour-bus to a hot bar with very high atmospheric humidity).
      Entry n° 8 • 01.06.2006 • 11:18  
  Our wine-management system idea is making progress. We work on different parts coincidenttialy. On one hand we try to find an optimized form for our bottle scanner (wich will be based on foil-scanner technology), on the other hand we work on the form of the storrage elements and the interface of the whole system.
We also have to do some conceptional work (like defining the integration into a home-computer enviroment and synchronization of the wine-records with a server/computer).
      Entry n° 7 • 31.05.2006 • 09:28  
  Yesterday I was at a carpenters toolshop to get the wood I need to build the guitar prototype. Now some handicraft will be needed.
      Entry n° 6 • 25.05.2006 • 12:09  
  The guitar project begins to asume shape! With the CAD-plans on wich I work right now, an important step is made.
Further tasks will be the wiring scheme and building of the prototype. In addition to the CAD I am organising the wood I need. I am also looking for the mechanical and electrical parts i need.
      Entry n° 5 • 19.05.2006 • 12:56  
  Currently I am in Berlin to visit some design-offices and to visit the Designmai wich is an amazing exhibition of design. I found some great design concepts exhibited here. My favourite is the "BerlinBank" (visit www.berlinbank.net) wich is a interactive park- or citybench.
It can be flipped around so you can chose in wich direction you want to see. Realy nice!
      Entry n° 4 • 16.05.2006 • 10:22  
  The secound pre-model of my guitar project is ready to inspect. I think this concept is not as good as the first one. There are to many details wich remember me on conventional electric guitars. I think i will build the first one.

Currently I am working on CAD drawings to get the measurements fixed. It is important to me to have all plans ready before I start working on the prototype.
      Entry n° 3 • 11.05.2006 • 11:16  
  Currently I am working with my student fellow Ramon Späti. Since a few days we are working on the concept of the "Smart Homes" project. Our idea is to create a wine storage and administration system. It should help the oenophile to keep track of his collection of wine, to get infos about related products and to store infos like where the wine comes from or where it was bought.
We will concentrate our work on the storage elements, the design and the interface of the mobile administration tool.
      Entry n° 2 • 09.05.2006 • 17:01  
  According to many sketches a first premodel of my electric guitar was made at the toolshop. I used a polyurethane foam to get a fast result.
I am still disaffected with some edges of the shape but that will be fixed soon. As next step I will build a model of my secound concept to compare and decide wich concept will be released.
      Entry n° 1 • 08.05.2006 • 10:06  
  At the beginning i would like to shortly explain, what this diary is for: From everywhere i can send entries either from my mobile phone or from any internet enabled computer. Sense if this is to document my current design work or research at anytime and any place.

Running Projects:

Project 1 ("Smart Homes" Project)
Objective of this project is to create a helpful tool for living at home, wich gives some improvements cause of its electronic technology.

Project 2 ("Electric Guitar" Project)
This is a project wich i launched by myself. The idea is to create a new design for an electric guitar wich is not similar to classic designs such as Fender or Gibson guitars.