handcrafting modelbuilding (see examples at my "projects" page)  

... 7 years old my dad took me to his office one day. He had a Macintosh IIsi there on wich I could try my luck.

He gave me my own floppy disk. I liked the copying of files but only until I found out what the trash is for...
Luckily i did not know how to empty it!

computer skills

-Adobe CS 4 (and older...)
-Cinema 4D (v10)
-SolidWorks 2007 (CAD)
-Rhino 4 (CAD)
-Cobalt (CAD) - basic skills
-VectorWorks (CAD)
-MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
-iMovie, Quicktime, ProTools
-Mac OS & WinXP

drafting sketching & hand-rendering(pencil / rollerpointer / marker - find some examples at my "sketches" page

-knowledge in digital and analogue photography.
-Nikon D70 & D100 knowledge
-Studio-, in- & outdoor photography